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In 2017, the founder of CrownRTC, Alicha Arnold, found herself big chopping her hair all over again. She was natural for a time span of 15 years off & on. During the majority of her naturalista hair life, she played around with so many chemicals. She went through almost all the colors of the rainbow. She also didn’t moisturize her hair & trimmed her hair & did all the good stuff. In 2017, she meant she was going to finally do it the right way. She decided to do her research for healthy natural hair & the journey has begun. She’s gotten into the kitchen & started to buy plants, seeds, & ayervedic remedies to regrow her hair & bring the luster back to it. Lady Arnold created her own hair oil blend & began to see her hair flourish. Due to seeing great healthy results, Lady Arnold will fill her cabinets with hair care ingredients & would treat her mother’s & daughter’s hair every couple days. Lady Arnold wanted to do the big chop in her nine year old daughter’s hair for some time but because of being a busy bee out & about in the streets of NYC she didn’t do it. Fast forward, the pandemic happened & she decided to do the big chop in her daughter's hair. Her daughter was scared but she was okay because she knew no one would see her. I saw that within 4 months, her hair grew more than 4inches. This has pushed Lady Arnold to push through and embark on a journey of making her very own hair products from oil to curl cream to gel, to edge control. This pandemic was detrimental but she thanks God for keeping us & multiplying what was already in her during these times. With that said CROWNRTC® Has been birthed.